ArtReview vol 70 no 5 Summer 2018. „Gernot Wieland on the couch“

Mark Rappolt on Gernot Wieland´s comically anxious work in film and performance.

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Artforum, Februar 2017. Pranja Desai on „Body luggage“, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

Download Pranja Desai on „Body luggage“, March 2017. Moira Barrett on „Ink in Milk“

The final scene of Ink in Milk sees the narrator mountain climbing. Forgetting that he is attached to the rock with a security hook, the narrator slips and falls into nothingness, briefly anticipating death. He thinks of crystals and Freud’s ideas of the psyche as a space similar to the churches of Rome. The story ends on a resigned but uncontrollably curious note with an imagined glimpse of what a life not dominated by language might look like and what it might feel like “if the subject could speak its own language.”

link to: Moira Barrett on „Ink in Milk“

Mousse #28, 2011. Interview with Gigiotto del Vecchio

You’re always caught up in cross-sections of these different layers and structures, not only of narration but of existence – just simply being there is complex, it’s difficult, no matter what you have done or what you do.

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Tsnok, 2010

Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen on a work by Gernot Wieland

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